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The principle of freedom
is decentralization.

The freedom of the system
through a new ecosystem.

We live in an obsessive world for the control and analysis of big data. Breaking the most worthy of our lives, privacy. Governments and companies lend themselves to corruption due to their opaque financial systems. Bill Crypto only intends to recover that freedom thanks to the tokenization of the products or services in an agile and efficient way within a new ecosystem. For this we will create a community that uses the BILLS as currency, it will be a community within a virtual city "CryptoCity". Yes, it´s a game but it can be as real as you want. Within this "virtual" community you can sell your services, talk with colleagues or even organize in groups for activities outside the virtual city.
BILLS Smart Contract:

BILLS Distributed
Reference Price $USD

Airdrop Timeline

21th Nov 2018

Airdrop Private Stage 1

Launch of the first Airdrop campaign to encourage users to learn about the Bills initiative as a tokenized ecosystem through the etherum network.

25th Nov 2018

Whitepaper and Ecosystem

Presentation of the whitepaper to the community where all the dynamics of the game are explained, how the BILLS community works and how it intends to create a parallel world where each person has their identity in the virtual world "CryptoCity".

15th Dic 2018

Bills Community game (The Rules)

Launch of the first "Rules Book" which explains how the "Community Bills" works, how to create your own Avatar, how the "0xID" works, how to become a citizen of "Crypto City" and how the official currency "BILLS" works.

31th Dic 2018

Airdrop Private Stage 1 - END

After finishing the first Airdrop, the participants automatically become citizens of CryptoCity, and will obtain their own 0xID, for which the first census will be made, and begins to check that all have complied the requirements of the Airdrop for the subsequent distribution of the BILLS.

What We Do

฿ill intends to be a reliable, transparent and secure system thanks to:

Smart Contract

The best way to describe smart contracts is to compare the technology to a vending machine. Ordinarily, you would go to a lawyer or a notary, pay them, and wait while you get the document. With smart contracts, you simply drop a bitcoin into the vending machine (i.e. ledger), and your escrow, driver’s license, or whatever drops into your account. More so, smart contracts not only define the rules and penalties around an agreement in the same way that a traditional contract does, but also automatically enforce those obligations.**


"Gas" is the name for a special unit used in Ethereum. It measures how much "work" an action or set of actions takes to perform.*** For me gas is a contribution to technology, at a minimum cost per transaction but that is the reason why more people enter the wonderful world of blockchain, and many more companies develop more and better equipment for it, since gas pays to the miners, who are responsible for closing the great book called Blockchain.

฿ill Coin uses

Check out some of ฿ill uses in the future ecosystem.

Freelance Payment

Services and Products

Those of us who once lived the burden of working as a freelancer know that punctual payments are always a problem. Bill is an easy alternative, fast and without setbacks, we all want to be paid against delivery without waiting to go to the bank.

Tickets and Coupons

Print less buy more

Blockchain can register events, coupons or concert tickets in an eternal and non-manipulable way, it is the safest way since it uses advanced encryption.

Restaurants and Store goods

Integration with POS

Each purchase can be registered in Blockchain through the traditional POS, so you will have a better record of immovable accounting reporting with greater accuracy sales, taxes and results, so stores and collection tax agents will avoid evasions and manipulations.

Charity and Emergencies

World Wide Fast Transactions

As someone who has found serious deficiencies in times of crisis in my country, Guatemala, being transparent and efficient in times of crisis is important for those most affected to obtain help without waiting for cumbersome or bureaucratic procedures. Transactions through ETH may not last more than a few seconds for your first confirmation, traveling the world in seconds.

Online Payments

1 Transaction confirmation is fast

Obviously any online payment is fast through the blockchain, and if you see the time to confirm a transaction, 1 confirmation is so fast so that the payment is made in seconds..


Together we are better.

Crises in any country have and do, and it is always the people who suffer when centralized systems block to maintain liquidity. That is why decentralization is a way that together we can be better.

Official ฿ill Wallets

฿ILL is compatible with these wallets:

"Technology has to be a liberating tool for all of us to grow as a free community while preserving our universal rights of privacy. Nobody but us are the ones who guard our rights and duties before any corrupt centralized entity."

Private Sale

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Private Sale

How Buy ฿ILLS

The price of the ฿ILLS for the presale in the "Private State 1" is $ 0.20 cents per 1 ฿ILL. This price is pre-sale exclusively for the period of the campaign in its first stage. Price of Private-Stage-2: $ 0.50 cents Price after the end of the campaign: $ 1 * (* Based on the reference price of the ecosystem.)
The only amount allowed to buy at the moment is $100 per transaction. After processing the payment, you will receive an email to confirm receipt of the payment and the procedure to receive the ฿ILLS. You will be asked for a ERC20 wallet address, if you do not have one you can download them for free any of the recommended portfolios here:

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